Frame-A-Face Facial Recognition Cropping Software

Frame-A-Face Facial Recognition Cropping Software

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Frame a Face is a state-of-the-art application that uses facial recognition software to crop large batches of images. Load hundreds of images, set the cropping parameters and let your computer do the work. 

Frame a Face's sophisticated facial recognition library will locate the subject's facial features and apply a precise, uniform crop according to pixel dimensions defined by the user. 

Frame a Face is designed specifically for professional school or sports photographers who process large batches of images. Frame a Face has quickly become an integral part of a professional photographer's workflow, cropping hundreds of images into neat, uniform portraits in a matter of minutes. 

Frame-A-Face can cut valuable time from your current digital image workflow. Built especially for portrait photographers, this state-of-the-art software uses advanced facial recognition technology to scan hundreds of images and apply user-defined crop dimensions.

The Frame-A-Face facial recognition cropping system is quickly becoming an essential tool for any photographer in a high-volume production environment. This includes large image processing centers, as well as local photographers who just contracted their first school or sports league. Many processes in a high-volume digital workflow are still repetitive, where adjustments are applied to each image in a large batch. Frame-A-Face uses facial recognition technology to take one of these workflow processes—in this case cropping—to the next level of automation, cutting time from image processing and saving money.

Download a 15 day trial of Frame-A-Face to test with your images. Click here to download trial.

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