AirCastPro Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding AirCastPro. If you have additional questions click here to contact us to contact us or call us at (904) 398-9934.

What printers does AirCastPro Support?
For a list of supported printers visit

Can I print from my iPhone or iPad to AirCastPro
Yes, AirCastPro supports printing via AirPrint.

Can I print from my iPad photobooth app?
Yes, If your photobooth app supports AirPrint. We have tested the following apps:
Curator PixBooth 2
Luma Booth
Simple Booth Halo
Simple Booth Halo 2
SnapPic Booth
Salsa Booth
Photo Media Booth
Babeland Photo
Mini Photo Booth
Darkroom Booth for iPad

Can multiple iPads print to AirCastPro at the same time?

Can I connect multiple printers to AirCastPro
Yes, you can even create a printer pool so print jobs will be split up among multiple printers. A printer pool can can consist of the same printer models or different models and manufactures.

Can I have multiple instances of my printer?
Yes, for example you can have one AirPrint printer setup for 4x6 and one setup for 2-2x6 prints.

When printing using the AirCastPro can I also send photos via text and social media to customers?
Yes, you can connect AirCastPro to your hotspot or wifi network. This will allow you to print via AirCastPro and access the internet.

Can I adjust the output when printing with AirCastPro?
Yes, you can adjust color correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, and gamma. This is very handy as most photos print darker than shown on an iPad. Now you can compensate for this.

Can I use AirCastPro to print from my Windows or Mac computer wirelessly?

Yes, not only does AirCastPro support iOS and Android but also printing from Windows and Mac computers.

How does AirCastPro differ from DNP's Wireless Connect Module (WCM)?
AirCastPro prints 10 seconds faster than DNP's WCM. Click here to watch a print speed comparison. AirCastPro also has the following features that are not supported on DNP's WCM:

-Support for current and older DNP printers as well as HiTi, Mitsubishi and Sinfonia printers (DNP's WCM only supports the DS620, DS820, RX1HS and QW410)
-Color Controls (This is one of the biggest reasons to purchase AirCastPro vs any other product. With AirCastPro you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and more. When printing an image captured on an iPad the image almost always prints darker than shown on screen due to the iPad being backlit . With AirCastPro you can adjust the printer output. No other device can do this.)
-Printer Pooling (connect multiple printers together for faster output)
-Fit to Page/Page Fill Options
-View number of remaining prints left on print kit
-Faster external internet

How does AirCastPro differ from Airkonv?
Airkonv does not support the Sinfonia CS2, Mitsubishi CP-D90DW or DNP DS820A printers where AirCastPro does. AirCastPro can handle multiple copy print requests where Aironv can not. AirCastPro will allow you to create a pool of printers for larger events. Click here to watch a print speed comparison

Is Android supported?
Yes! Android printing is now supported. If using Android v3.0 or higher support is available using the Let's Print Droid app available on the Google Play store. For Android v8.0 or higher direct printing support is available. For information checkout the flowing videos:
Android Printing with AirCastPro -
Android Print Demo with AirCastPro -

Do you offer technical support?
Absolutely! Customer service and support is what we are know for. Need help with setup or having a problem, give us a call for click below to chat with us.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! For customers in Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico and New Zealand you can order online. For all other countries contact us to arrange a shipping estimate.  

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