DNP Wireless Connect Module (WCM2 Print)

DNP Wireless Connect Module (WCM2 Print)

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The WCM2 Print is DNP’s newest and easiest wireless printing device, allowing wireless printing from mobile devices (iPhone®, iPad,and Android devices), Windows PCs, and Mac® and direct printing using the WCM Print.

AirCastPro or DNP's WCM2 Print
AirCastPro prints 3x faster than DNP's WCM2. AirCastPro also has the following features that are not supported on DNP's WCM2:

  • AirCastPro prints 3x faster  Click for video
  • AirCastPro supports DNP printers as well as HiTi, Mitsubishi and Sinfonia printers 
  • AirCastPro offers color controls (With AirCastPro you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and more. When printing an image captured on an iPad the image almost always prints darker than shown on screen due to the iPad being backlit  With AirCastPro you can adjust the printer output. No other device can do this.)
  • AirCastPro offers 15x Faster external internet (external internet is needed for social and text sharing of photos)  Click for video
  • Printer Pooling (connect multiple printers together for faster output)
  • Overcoat Watermarking adds custom overcoat watermarks to your prints (Most DNP Printers)  Click for video.
  • Borders
  • Fit to Page/Page Fill Options

WiFi Hotspot
The WCM2 Print creates its own WiFi hotspot that allows wireless printing without the need for an internet connection.

WCM Portal
The WCM Portal includes new admin controls that are easy to navigate. Set which print sizes are made available, manage WCM Print functions, and other settings to customize the user experience.

Connects to Your Network
The WCM2 Print can connect to other networks via WiFi or ethernet to allow you to print as well as connect to social networks for uploads.

WCM Print
Allows pictures that are stored locally on the device to be selected using the WCM Print and sent directly to the printer.

  • Wirelessly print from macOS®, iOS®, Android®, and Windows® devices.
  • Easy printing from tablet-based (iPad® or Android) photo booths and roamer booths.
  • Printer and media are automatically identified by WCM2 Print.
  • Print to single or multiple DNP printers.
  • Perfect tool to enable printing at small to medium size events.

  • Compatible Printers: QW410, DS40, DS80, DS620A, DS-RX1HS, DS820A.
  • OS: iOS 11 & later, macOS 11.1, 11.0, & 10.15, Windows 10, Android 9 & later
  • USB Ports: 2 - allows for connection to two DNP printers.
  • WiFi Hotspot: 802.11 b/g/n standards

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