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Sinfonia Photo Cafe

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Discontinued - See the AirCastPro Wireless Print Server for wireless printing to your Sinfonia printer.

Sinfonia's Photo Café is a portable Wi-Fi print server for the Sinfonia CS2, one of the world's smallest and lightest photo printers. With Photo Café, customers or visitors can easily print photos over Wi-Fi to the CS2 from their mobile device or tablet.

The Photo Café can generate its own Wi-Fi, or use an available existing Wi-Fi network. Setup is easy, requiring only three steps.

   1) Select Photo Café Wi-Fi network

   2) Scan the QR code to access the web application

   3) Select the photo to print

What are the differences between AirCastPro and Sinfonia's Photo Cafe?

Sinfonia's Photo Cafe does not support Apple AirPrint. If you are running a iPad photobooth in order to print a strip, you would need to close the photobooth app, open your web browser, connect to the Selfone Print Station, select an image to print along with the print parameters then go back into your photobooth app. With AirCastPro you can print directly from your photobooth app via AirPrint. AirCastPro also has the following features that are not supported on Sinfonia's Photo Cafe.

  • Support for DNP printers as well as HiTi and Mitsubishi printers
  • Color Controls (This is one of the biggest reasons to purchase AirCastPro vs any other product. With AirCastPro you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and more. When printing an image captured on an iPad the image almost always prints darker than shown on screen due to the iPad being backlit . With AirCastPro you can adjust the printer output. No other device can do this.) 
  • Printer Pooling (connect multiple printers together for faster output)
  • Borders
  • Fit to Page/Page Fill Options
  • View number of remaining prints left on print kit
  • Direct Apple AirPrint or GooglePrint support


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